Hello From OpenBooks.com - First eBookstore Where Books Are Really OPEN!

Dear BookLikes Bloggers,


My name is Ula and I’m a member of the OpenBooks.com team - a startup that has created the first pay what you want eBookstore where books are really open!

I would love to explain our concept to you, because we're a bunch of book nerds that started a futuristic and revolutionary business that won't be successful without your opinions, suggestions and support.


What does "open book" mean?

It means that you can read the whole eBook before you pay as much as you want for it.


We decided to bring strong moral values back to the publishing market and move it forward. This is why we chose an open and flexible pricing system. We just didn't enjoy being forced to pay for things we didn't know we'd like and enjoy. We also weren’t happy about how the publishing market treats talented writers. On the other hand, we loved the concept of being able to decide how much something was worth. And, most importantly, being able to share knowledge, thoughts, emotions (in the form of literature) freely - so those who are less fortunate and can’t afford to pay for more than one or two books from time to time, can benefit from the generosity of other book lovers.


Support for authors and publishers

Our authors are amazing people that decided to join us because they believe in their work and trust that it will be loved and appreciated by readers. We want to support them to stay independent. This is why we don't require them to give up their rights to the books and 70% of net revenue goes directly to the author.


We, I mean readers, are true patrons of literature. With our purchasing decisions we can show our gratitude and help talented authors to pursue their own (writing) paths to happiness. This is why we believe that even with open downloads on our website, we’ll be able to gather fair financial support for the writers.


OpenBooks.com truly understands the gift of a great book and wants to create a community where authors can connect with readers. Where no one is forced or manipulated to choose or buy something. Where readers, rather than mediocre marketing strategists, are the greatest promoters of literature.


No DRM, just freedom of reading!

This is why we don't believe in Digital Rights Management limitations and we want our readers to copy and share eBook files freely. We highly encourage sharing, so our authors can reach thousands or even millions of readers instead of a few family members who were kind enough to buy a paper copy. Since each eBook file has an embedded payment link inside, authors can be sure that whoever likes their work will be able to pay for it easily at any given moment and show their support.


That’s it!

We’ve created a place for people who share not only our passion for great books but also this simple, ethical, vision of open books. I hope you'll enjoy our title selection (although it’s still small, it has some really great titles inside) and future posts on BookLikes. I also invite you to share your opinions and suggestions either here or at our forum.

Read, love, share and pay what you want!
- Ula, OpenBooks.com

Ilustration by okalinichenko.