Download best eBooks for Halloween!

When fall covers lands with darkness, the darkness in our minds also comes out. Who's brave enough to face it? We’ve prepared a special Halloween party for booklovers, combining tradition with progress.

Like almost everyone heavily addicted to books, we love the classics, which have inspired the imagination of generations of readers. That's why special Halloween menu contains two classic books: “Frankenstein” and “Dracula”.

For dessert we propose the collection of short stories by our beloved brilliant indie author Stanley Laine. Stanley, known for deep character portrayals and building a beautiful atmosphere, has proven his mastery in various genres, like drama, romance and crime/detective novels. He’s recently delighted us with "Night Friends", which has already received 5 out of 5 stars ratings. "Best short stories I have recently read", "Stanley Laine is the master of spooky, surrealistic forms", “makes a reader crave to know more”, “virtuoso performed, because just in a couple of pages” - to quote just a couple of reviews.