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The Limit Club - Stanley Laine Strawman - Stanley Laine

Do you love gripping crime and detective stories? Great characters? Dark atmosphere? We have a mustread for you: two books about Philippa K. Dick investigations by brilliant indie author Stanley Laine: “The Limit Club” and “Strawman”. As all books at, you may read them first, and pay later what you want.


The Limit Club”: Two years ago Rebecca Leary vanished into thin air on the night of a blood moon.  Many in the quaint village of Hammelburg believe she was the victim of a legendary banshee that haunts their historic valley.  Secrets run deep in this picturesque Ohio River destination but no one is fully prepared for the chaos that infamous mystery-hunter Philippa K. Dick is about to unleash on their doorstep or what she reveals about their town.


The story has a strong Twin-Peaks'esque vibe

Released this autumn, the novel was instantly adored by readers:

“The Limit Club is a super exciting novel that combines detective, crime and youth literature. It creates an atmosphere that keeps us in constant tension, while not being too frightening. The suspense is really great and the vibe of adventure really makes you rush through the pages.”


“The story has a strong Twin-Peaks'esque vibe”, “Intriguing from the very beginning, absorbing, engaging and doesn't leave you indifferent until the end”.

“Numerous shout-outs to other works and finding them should bring a lot of fun to an attentive reader”.

“Stanley Laine is incredibly talented author and I am very happy that he has tried his hand in writing detective novel, because it is so GREAT, that I hope it will transform into a series of volumes. It just has to!”

“I hope we will be able to see Philippa in other works as well” “I couldn't stop reading and I really crave for next part (if the author will do us the honor of writing it).”


I really crave for next part

Stanley Laine is a great person and didn’t make the avid readers wait long for the second book and after few months we could enjoy “Strawman”. Philippa K. Dick is back on the hunt, this time following the trail of a mythical scarecrow that terrorizes the cornfields around Strawtown. A mystery unlike any of her others, Philippa pursues this case down paths she never expected as she tries to stay one step ahead of the Limit Club and races against the clock before the Strawman takes his next victim.


Readers were enchanted again:
“Just as a fascinating journey as reading the first one.”

“The book is scary, thrilling, full of surprising twists and turns. Stanley Laine's writing made it easy for me to feel as if I were the main character of the book, Philippa. Really interesting and somehow addictive. I highly recommend the book – you will read it through before you know it. The author appears to be one of the younger generation most promising horror book writers.”

“I will just keep waiting for the next volume in the series. Big "thank you" to the author for sharing this book with us!”

And for the desert

Character of Philippa appears also in "The Iceman Now Comes for Me" one of horror short stories collected in book “Night Friends”, reviewed by readers as “masterpiece”, “best short story collection I’ve recently read”.  


Read, enjoy, love, share and pay, what you want.