I have considered horror as an extremely BORING genre - until I’ve read...

Night Friends - Stanley Laine

When we read horror book, or watch horror movie, at the beginning we usually meet characters in their normal, everyday life. We watch them ignoring a weird sound or strange person and we think, “run, you are in danger” - because we know it's a horror book or movie and we expect something really evil to happen. That's why I have considered horror as an extremely BORING genre - until I’ve read "Night Friends". (I did that because I adore Stanley Laine). And I was really enchanted the way this brilliant author went beyond the genre. Example: "Suburban Ablyss" where the thrilling part - fear constructed with the most elegant, not impudent formal means - is intertwined with psychological tense between a long-married couple. Following stream of consciousness of husband and wife, I was forgetting about possible danger, the same way they were distracted from it with their thoughts about each other. MASTERPIECE!!! It’s Stanley's profound insight into human minds and personalities, even more virtuoso performed, because just in a couple of pages. I’m also happy not to work at the office anymore, where I used to stay late in the night - after reading “Alone in the Office” I wouldn’t dare again. :-) Warning - do not read "Best-Western Wishes" on a tram or in other public situation. Do it at a quiet of your home, having a good supply of tissues at hand, and much better - friendly shoulder to cry into.
Monika, OB's Team

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